Miquel Lahoz Casarramona

I’m a young Civil Engineer with a passion for writing. I was born in Tarragona, a little city in the coast of Catalonia with a splendorous roman past and a much quieter present. It wasn’t long before I became an early international student by attending nursery school in México DF.

Back to Europe, many years playing construction games and SimCity made me feel ready to enter the Civil Engineering School of Barcelona. To keep up with the tradition of studying abroad, I took one of my years at École Centrale de Nantes, in France.

My professional experience ranges from the chemical sector to the renewable energies and the offshore construction.

I know my English isn’t perfect. Partly, that’s why I wanted to keep a blog that forces me to write more or less frequently in that language. If you have any corrections or comments, I’ll be glad to read them.

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