[Quote] Structural Engineering

“Structural Engineering is the art of modelling materials we don’t fully understand, taking shapes we can’t analyse in a precise way, to withstand stresses we can’t assess properly, in a way that the big public doesn’t ever notice the true reach of our ignorance” – Javier Manterola Armisén, Civil Engineer.

I saw it on http://ing-genius.blogspot.com.es/

What do civil engineers do for you?

Many people don’t know about civil engineers, or they have a very slight idea of what they do. This may be because you rarely come across one of them in your daily life. But, whatever you know it or not, they build and shape the world you live in.

Can you imagine a world with no water delivered to your home, with no electricity and no roads? Can you imagine having to walk fot two hours to reach your workplace or school, because there is no subway and no bus? For too many people, this is the very real world they live in. Everyday.

If you’re not one of them is, of course, because of the country you were born in. And of civil engineers. Without civil engineers, that country that provides you with water, energy and transport simply wouldn’t be able to, because it wouldn’t know how to.

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